2018 Pelham Football
This Week's Events

Practice Schedule:

  • Practice starts the third week of August.
  • Summer Practice dates 8/28, 8/29, 8/30; 9/4, 9/7
  • Once the Regular Season starts, practices will be every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Regular Season practices start 9/11.
  • Practices will end approximately the start of November.
  • Practices run from 6:00-7:30 PM during the Summer Practices and 6:00-8:00 PM During Regular Season Practices.


Practice Equipment Rules:

Equipment handout location will be at the field immediately before our first summer practice. Please send players (they must be present), in small shorts, as to make the fitting process as smoothly as possible) We strongly encourage you to attend the first fitting on Date to be determined to avoid sizing issue's :


  • For the first week of practice, players should come in: Helmet, t-shirt, shorts, cleats, protective cup, mouth guard, and water.
  • We will practice in full equipment for the second week of practice.
  • Full equipment includes: Shoulder pads, rib guard, pants, pant pads, practice jersey, protective cup, helmet, cleats, mouth guard, and water.
  • Players are NOT allowed to practice in full equipment until they have attended 3 practices.
  • After they have attended 3 practices, then they should come to practices in full equipment.
  • Players must bring their own water bottles to every practice!


Practice Location:

  • Practices are held at GLOVER RIVER / GLOVER ROAD.
  • You can park next to Target parking lot, walk over the footbridge and go to the right.
  • We practice in the outfields of both the Glover A and Varsity (aka Joe Solimine Sr) Baseball Fields.


What's Included In The Registration Fee?

  • See the "Registration" tab at the top to fill out the form and pay the fee.
  • Included in your registration fee is the player’s uniform rental. We will provide Tackle Football players with the following: Helmet (with chin strap), Shoulder Pads, Rib Guard, Pants, Pant Pads, Practice Jersey and Game Jersey.
  • Registration starts June 1st.
  • 3rd-6th Grade Tackle Cost: $250 per player
  • Late fee of $50 is charged to anyone registering after June 1st.
  • No new players added after August 1st.
  • Refunds will only be given if a player drops out of the program BEFORE equipment is handed out.
  • Need based scholarships are available, we will not deny a kid the opportunity to play.
  • Players and Parents are responsible to replace lost equipment or jersey - we will charge accordingly.


What Do Parents Need to Do?

  • Your registration fee includes much of the equipment your child will need to play football, but not everything.
  • You will need to provide your child with a mouth guard, protective cup, cleats, and water, to every practice and game.
  • You should boil and fit the mouthpiece the night before practice, do NOT wait until you are ready to walk out the door to take your child to their first practice.
  • Help your child learn how to put on and take off all of the equipment, particularly the helmet.
  • Parents are not allowed on the sidelines during practices/scrimmages/games. It is for the safety of our players, parents, family, and friends. Only safe viewing areas are acceptable.
  • Under no circumstances, is the use of profanity ever acceptable. The use of profanity and/or aggressive behavior around the children will result in being removed from the event.
  • In case of practice cancelation due to wet field conditions, you will be sent an email. As always, you will be able to call the rec Pelham Rec hotline at 914-738-6644.
  • Playing time varies from player to player. Every child will see action during the game, however some will play more than others.
  • Equipment pick up will be during June, specific dates and times to follow.
  • If you would like to purchase your own football for your child to practice with at your home, at these grade levels we use Riddell:

3rd/4th Grade – TDY

5th/6th Grade – TDJ

     *Other football brands can be used, see grade guidelines on the package. 


New players to the Tackle Football Program:

  • Copies of the player’s Birth Certificates are needed.
  • Please send a photo copy to:

                 Joanne Case

                2 Lake Dr

                Pelham Manor, NY 10803.

  • Some birth certificates contain valuable information (such as social security numbers) on them. Please be sure to black out any social security information on photo copies.


Tentative practice schedule (updated on 5/16/18): 

ALL EQUIPMENT HANDOUT TIMES ARE AT DARONCO TOWN HOUSE, 20 Fifth Ave (next to the Police Station) Dates to be announced. 
​Tues 8/28 summer practice 6-7:30pm
Wed 8/29 summer practice 6-7:30pm
Thu 8/30 summer practice 6-7:30pm
Friday 8/31 Varsity HOME game at Glover 7pm
Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Tues 9/4 summer practice 6-7:45pm
Th 9/6 First day of school - 1/2 day
Fri 9/7 summer practice 6-7:45pm
Monday 9/10 Rosh Hashanah NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 9/11 Rosh Hashanah NO SCHOOL
Tues 9/11 practice 6-8pm Players will not be penalized for missing practice due to religious reasons.
Friday 9/14 practice 5-7pm, tent at Friendship field
Friday 9/14 Varsity HOME game at Glover 7pm
Saturday 9/15 Scrimmage/weigh-in Tentatively
Tuesday 9/18 practice 6-7:45pm Players will not be penalized for missing practice due to religious reasons.
Wed 9/19 Yom Kippur NO SCHOOL
Friday 9/21 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 9/22 Scrimmage/weigh-in Tentatively
Tuesday 9/25 practice 6-7:45pm
Friday 9/28 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 9/29 GAME - Week 1 
Tuesday 10/2 practice 6-7:45pm
Friday 10/5 practice 5-7pm, tent at Friendship field
Friday 10/5 Varsity HOME game at Glover 7pm
Saturday 10/6 Columbus Day weekend BYE - NO GAME 
Monday 10/10 No School Columbus holiday
Tuesday 10/19 practice 6-7:45pm
Friday 10/12 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 10/13 GAME - week 3 8am or 10am 
Tuesday 10/16 practice 6-7:45pm
Friday 10/19 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 10/20 GAME - week 4 8am or 10am 
Tuesday 10/23 practice 6-7:45pm 
Friday 10/26 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 10/27 GAME - week 5 8am or 10am 
Tuesday 10/30 practice 6-7:45pm
Friday 11/2 practice 6-7:45pm
Saturday 11/3 GAME - week 6
Monday 11/12 No School - Vet day
Friday 11/16 Pizza party - TENTATIVE 3rd/4th - 6-7pm; 5th/6th - 7-8pm 


​For the complete 5th/6th grade division sch and standings: 



For the complete 3rd/4th grade division sch and standing:



3rd/4th grade GAME Sch (updated 9/18/18):

Day Date      Time    Score            Visitors     Home                         Venue
Sat 9/22/18   5:00 pm                 Pelham       Clarkstown     Clarkstown South HS
Sat 9/29/18   6:00 pm           Edgemont/Scarsdale   Pelham   Pelham - Glover Turf
Thu 10/4/18   6:00 pm               Pelham   Harrison   Harrison - West Harrison Park (Silverlake) - Turf
Sat 10/13/18   6:00 pm            Clarkstown       Pelham            Pelham - Glover Turf
Sat 10/20/18   9:00 am              Harrison   Pelham   Pelham - Glover Turf
Sat 10/27/18   9:00 am          Pelham   Edgemont/Scarsdale   Edgemont High School


5th/6th grade GAME Sch (updated 9/18/18):
Day   Date   Time    Score      Visitors     Home       Venue
Sat 9/22/18   6:30 pm                      Pelham   Clarkstown            Clarkstown South HS
Sat 9/29/18   7:30 pm         Edgemont/Scarsdale   Pelham            Pelham Glover Turf
Thu 10/4/18   7:15 pm                Pelham   Harrison Black      Harrison - West Harrison Park (Silverlake) - Turf
Sat 10/13/18   7:30 pm           Harrison White   Pelham               Pelham Glover Turf
Sat 10/20/18   10:30 am      Clarkstown   Pelham                         Pelham Glover Turf
Sat 11/3/18   9:00 am            Pelham        Harrison Black                LMK Middle School




Disclaimer - nothing is ever set in stone. Sch (both practice and GAME) get changed all of the time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance. 


​Thursday 9/6  First day of School 1/2 day
Monday 9/10 Rosh Hashanah NO SCHOOL
Tuesday 9/11 Rosh Hashanah NO SCHOOL
Wednesday 9/19 Yom Kippur NO GAMES
Saturday 10/6 Columbus weekend NO GAMES
Monday 10/8 Columbus Day NO SCHOOL
Monday 11/12 Veterans day NO SCHOOL


Varsity High School Friday night games: 
​​Varsity High School Friday night games: 
Friday 8/31 GLOVER  Varsity home game 7pm
Friday 9/14 GLOVER  Varsity home game 7pm
Friday 10/5 GLOVER  Varsity home game 7pm



The 2018 Pelham Youth Football season has started, and we couldn't be more excited! Make sure your player comes to practice ready to go with their equipment and a water bottle (it's hot out there).

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